Monday, February 25, 2008

getting ready to WIG OUT...

this weekend a girl I know is planning a 21lady pub crawl- in which we all have to wear a WIG!! It should be a BLAST

this is me testing out my wig in a few different styles
.. just got home from my wog with the dog...we were up to 1.8 miles... that is exciting..

my food choices were NOT so great today..but I got my exercise in...tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day at work...probably a very long day aswell- the lunch meeting I'm attending is having food brought in... MUST try to have the will power to make good choices!!

Take Care y'all

Sunday, February 24, 2008

onwards to monday

went this weekend to vancouver to visit my good friend was much fun, although we didn't end up at th rock show to see the flairs, we had a great friend has been working on losing weight aswell and is doing very well....we are probably going cheer each other on the next few weeks....

it was lots of fun and today she straigthend my hair WOW....that was super- I feel cool...anyways food wise I made some un-good choices, didn't exercise untill tonight- which was a wog with the dog...but went to costco and stocked up and some good food and I'm ready to rock this week!!
hope you have a good weekend!!!! talk to you later

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Down 3.2....

well I faced my music last night.... I missed the previous WI due to work committments but the WI before that I was up I've got back to were I start as well as .2!!! So I'm on track and excited...
Thursdays I usually slack on my breakfasts "since I have all week to get back on track" however today I made my 2 point Whey Gourmet sTrawberry banana smoothie (from PVL NUtrition) with an added teaspoon of fibre sure.....and am off to the races...
Today I have to meet the local politicians and give them a behind the scenes tour of my new COmmuinty Centre and Arena...should be interesting- politicians (especially from different municipalities) like to try and put staff on the spot by asking ridiculous questions...So...we'll see how that goes...
I have to head to another Board COmmittee meeting from today I don't get much time to actually do my work- but just entertain the we'll see how it goes. I anticipate to get Subway for lunch...but maybe I'll grab a lean cusine-- it might be safer (the garuntee of food at work- instead of relying on going out to get subway-- there is never enough time!)

Anyways hopeall is well for you--

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

been alright!

since my last post I have turned myself around...been doing pretty good on my eating and have been out there exercising alot woggin (jog/walk) has been progressing really nicely....

I have mixed emotions over my WI at WW tomorrow...I'm ready to face the music...and actually I'm pretty darn proud of myself of regaining some control over my eating job is very stressful right now- I'm about to open a 12.8million dollar community centre and arena, balance a 3million dollar operating budget for some other facilities, make board presentations, hire staff, attend evening meetings, get scrutinized by the community/user groups etc, work 50hrs a week... i'm under alot of pressure- however I'm still finding time to go for a "wog" with the dog and eat pretty well... not sure what the scale will say but hey--- life happens :)

Take Care 'all-- i"m going to watch Biggest loser woo woo LOVE THAT SHOW

Friday, February 15, 2008

hmmm...what have I been doing

not following the program....THATS WHAT.....grrrrr

totally sidetracked off the, life in general

no excuses- there are many days I could have choosen better but didn't
I didn't make it to WW this week as I had an evening meeting that went right through the time...

but heres to tomorrow as a new day...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Now back to reality....

I wanna be a stand up comedian!!! We went to Yuk Yuks last night and we laughed sooo much and it was really funny cuz the guys were talkin about such real stuff...pointing out the obvious...

but thats not going to happen- I've got a high paying day job that will get in the way!!!

SO really back to reality I must face the fact I had a 3pd gain on Wed Feb 6---in all the frenzy of trying out for idol, I negected to post about it, write about it or come up with a game plan...So here I am now Sunday Feb 9 and I've not been eating on progam for 1weekand 1/ unless I get wrking on it I could be up another couple pds this no- its not going to happen...I'm adding fibre to every possible thing I eat (bought some fibresure that mixes in with food), goingto take my Maggie-Dog on atleast 1-2mile walk/jog or 2 smaller ones...and plan all my food for the next 3 days....get into the real world, and get loseing again!!
*hugs* to all for the nice comments on my idol was an experience, that I will remember forever....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My day auditioning for Canadian IDOL!! ahh

Well its 630am..I'm awake, dressed, and waiting for the ferry to leave to get me to Vancouver....WHAT AM I Doing !!!!! This probably one of the biggest whims I've acted on in a long while.... up at 5:15am... not a morning person

I'll be posting updates here through out the day since Ill have no-one to talk too!!

I arived at metrotownat 730am got in line up....met another 'older' person (26)...we've been doing the wave on camera...there is ssoooo many people and really we havnt moved in the line yet...ohwell its the experience...

So by around 930am we finally got our numbers --- i was 2073.... we waited and waited....then finally around 12pm my number got called... they walked us out of the mall- across the street and into some holding trailiers...then we went on our group of 5 to the producer...

Well my groups was interesting and only one of us got the yellow ticket to the next round...she brought her guitar in and played it while singing..

After singing "I love and rock roll" ...she critiqued us all togehter and started by saying this is just a TV show and they are casting certain people, after 6 seasons they know what they are looking for etc etc...I was told I sounded pretty good, I should have made more eye contact, was a little nervous and not really what they were looking for at this time... I felt like saying-- is that becuase I'm fat....but I was funny- I was the oldest person there (the age limit is 28) and the only girl that got beyond round one in my group was a 17 y/o blonde girl...hmmmm I guess she is what they are looking for..

in all it was an eventful day---good personal growth experience to go and be brave with all those hundreds of people!!

Reminder to all- go and take your chance on what you want to to!!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Going to Canadian Idol Auditions...

Wish me I confront my childhood desire to be a STAR!!! I really love the idea or performing, speaking and being in front of people.... I was supposed to go travel with Up with People back in the day, always kinda felt I missed something by continuing with my education and pursuing my career in recreation management.... SO for my very last opportunity I will be going to Canadian Idol audtions tomorrow in Vancouver..this is my last opportunity as you can only be its now or never... I don't really even care if I make it past the stage one auditions...I just want to say i did it....i was part of this crazy phenonemon (sp)....i could possibly be on TV AND I LOVE IT.....

Wish me luck!!!

This has been a top secret mission- my husband 2 co-workers and my dad know-- thats it....and of course all of you my good bloggin buddies!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Healthy you Challenge- Update

Hey there...
Since scale junkie changed the rules- I'm back in the game... woo woo woo....I've committedd to checking everyone's blog that posts a comment on mine (to be honest- I think is slightly rude when you post comments on blogs and you never see them visit yours) is great in whatever form it takes...I will also be randomly checkin various blogs VIA mr linky.... when the chance arrises- it may take me all week but I'm gonna do it

This week has been difficult- I just couldn't get it together foodwise, yesterday my TOM arrived which sorta explained the weird cravings, back pain, thirst....anyways I'm pretty sure I'll be up at my meeting tomorrow night (wed WI) but I'll posta bout that later.....I'm committed to a strick program this upcoming week- I REALLY need to win the mini-challege with my husband (we set up a valentines challenge since Jan- currently I"m winning however if he actually tries he could probably kick my butt)

I'm heading off to my hometown tonight to visit a friend who is here from Australia...getting sick and have a big day at work- actually I may not even make it back in time for my meeting we'll see it has been snowing all night- the drive could be treaterous

Take Care all and have a Healthy WEEK!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

thanks for the boost

between the positive comments on here and on the WW group on Facebook and from my 'real world' friends... I"m pumped- I'm ready- I'm good to go...loose all i've got to loose....

however- I've just come down with a cold, want the comfort soup (had chicken noodle) and now going to have a Neocitran and head to bed...I can NOT let this cold get me sidetracked I was sick in Vovember for 3 weeks and it toally stalled out my WL...

So I will go to bed early- I won't let this get me down....

Yee-haw---yes thats me, umm probably around 275 2006 year at the Rodeo being a judge...YEEE HAww....

IN OTHER NEWS>... I received my responce from Scale Junkie re: withdrawing from the Healthy You Challenge....she is leaving me on the blog roll and I can check in when I you havn't seen the last of this girly!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I think I see the you see a difference?

do you think there is much of a difference?

Its Superbowl day *rolls eyes* however I wil be watching the commercials on our 47inch LCD tv in high definition (I think that is the only reason my DH bought it a couple weeks ago!!!) hopefully no bad snacks...I'm going to go for a walk here before my dad and stepmom come over..

Hope your superbowl sunday is full of fun!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

and then it snowed...

not alot...but enough to make the sidewalks icy/splippery not "running" worthy....grrr
we'll see- here on the coast if you don't like the weight just wait an We'll see in a couple of hours the sun could be out and I'll be dancing in the streets!!!


a little while later I was dancing in the streest with my DOG while walking and joggin... this is the view from the top story of my house.... 3 hrs after the snow stopped..

Friday, February 1, 2008

sometimes I love life...

and sometimes I don't .... but to day I love it...

I had a hellish week at work....but the footloose and fancy free feeling of the weekend coming up makes it all worth while... there really isn't anything special planned but I get some me time....going to jog/walk my doggie and hang with the hubby and be on program... sounds good to me!!

HOpe your having a great week and into the weekend....

I need another drink :)

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