Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of the Year!!!

woo woo....its over 2007!! and on to 2008
The plan is 2008 is the year-- to change my life....
I've in the Spring Chicks Challenge on the Challenge Central WW Board and the Shannons Easter Challenge (See link on side panel)....I created some new years resolutions on Facebook- for all to see (who have that application) that should also help to keep me accountable!!!
The water is an obvious one- I had an epihany the other day about how when you drink lots you feel full (I know its obvious but I actually felt it the other day)...the excersize 4 times a week is also important- I have a dog that needs walking so there really is NO excuse for not doing some sort of excercise.
While I was in the Vancouver yesterday i had the "pleasure" to visit Addition-ELle and Reitmans Encore section at Park Royal...I just have to say I HATE PLUS SIZE clothing!!!! I was soooo mad when I left there- the prices are so expensive even with a "SALE" going on....I looked at a couple of things and since I'm between sizes (20-22) they looked in anycase, that was a kick in the butt to get OUT of those "Fatty Stores" and get movin'

Hope all is well with you all- take care and stay positive
we are off to the neighbors tonight for a couple of drinks and snacks (probably not WW friendly-however I'm in charge of bringing a veggie plate)

HAPPY NEW YEAR---my new years resolutions!
(as posted on Facebook earlier today)
I resolve to ... re-learn how to play piano (after a 12 year hiatus)
I resolve to ... do more good deeds!
I resolve to ... spend more time/stay better connected with family & friends
I resolve to ... not spend as much time on Facebook!
I resolve to ... update my Blog more frequently
I resolve to ... not let work stress me out so much
I resolve to ... be more active and healthy

Sunday, December 30, 2007

blogging on my blackberry

Look out world- I can now blog from my work blackberry...

An update from earlier today-- I had the sub, but brought it home to eat and chowed down and some leftover christmas candy...bad me

Today- dec 30 I'm on the BC ferry sitting in my car resisting the bacon eggs and cinnamon buns upstairs...DH went to eat breaky I stayed in here--yeah me!!
Going to IKEA yipppeee!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

at work- slackin off

just me- being at work, slackin off a is a new OP day.....was going to go to Tim H's for B-fast this AM but kept driving, just had my fruit bar instead....motivated to get losing again, joined a bunch of challenges on the WW boards and looking forward to the scale going down again!

I'm having a debate for lunch...I was going to treat myself to a slice of pizza (9pts) but I'm trying to convince myself I would enjoy/my body would like a footlong ham sub- with cheese and honeymustard sauce for 14pts....hmmm the debate- both food items require me to drive and go get- Subway further then pizza.....I'll post later with my decision....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

soo...we survived!! got home last night at 12:36am so in total the travel took almost 4 hrs (ferry was late, we were in the line up early, road slightly slippery-drove slow)......however very hectic from our perspective it was fun and nice to spend time with family....glad we could make it this year!!

Very Happy its back to normal today---- I could use some normalicy, DH and I were deceiding yesterday to stay one more day or get out of there on the last ferry last night- we left and I"m glad, I finally said to him, I need toget back on and back on track!!! Going to have a protein shake for breakfast this AM...start my detox :) Christmas was fun but really glad to get back to routine.....

not good news this AM from the scale.... its registering that Im up- way up --its giving me the error message which means over 300!!!! (my scale is usually 3 pds heavier then WI) so that would be 11ish pounds up... follow me on my journey to lose it before my next weigh in...grrrr..I had no rules- i never though I wouldn't gain weight....but I'm going to work my BUTT off to get it off...
anyways today DH is going to vancouver to buy his new cell phone- I'm not going cuz I need to re-group and loose some weight!

The festivities were good- I got spoiled and had interesting times with the a new digital camera and lots of other goodies.. my favorite live-inperson weught loss inspiration was at our christmas eve party....the pic below is of Shannon- who I have more fun with then anyone else in recent years- tons of fun, lots of energy, likes to have jello-shooters and belt out KAREOKEE untill the wee hours of the morning...and she used to be "fat" like mid-200' as you can see she is just little-has been lifetime for about 6 years, its always very motivating to see/hang out with her...

hope Santa was good to you

Saturday, December 22, 2007

let the holidays begin....

for me its finally the start of the holiday season- I'm done work and I'm heading "home" to my parents with DH and Doggie for 5 I will be doing some last minute shopping/wrapping and packing...and maybe some housework so the place is clean for our return onthe 27th..... I havn't been able to get my eating on track since my Wed set back....but I guess i have 2 weeks to do so- I have no meeting untill Jan 2....

So we are going to be busy while in Powell River
23rd- 2pm go up mountain and sleigh ride, have weiner roast
24th- visit friends father in hospitals
visit friend and her boys at there house
have dinner at step sisters
go to Kareokee/Guitar Hero party at brother and sister-in-law
25th- wake up at dads
go to moms for breakfast
back to dads for dinner

Go to Uncle Jimmys for Visit
Have dinner with mom's side of the family at Uncle Eds

27th- get the heck out of there and go home to relax and back to work on the 28th

hope everyone is doing well....take care and have a safe and happy holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I feel like a failure...

I did everything proper this week and even started jogging and drank all my water and I gained 2 pds.... I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoping to have a 2.4 pd loss so I could get my 25pd but instead I got my 16weeks...and am still at 20 pds lost...I actually cried at the scale and all the way home....(which of course led to some self destructive eating) not feeling very much like myself right now

The meeting was really small but was a supportive group of ladies- Glad to be part of the group to be set up for success this year

Monday, December 17, 2007

inspired my Scale junkie- here is my christmas poochie

I jogged again!!

this time with the light posts- I'd tell myself I could quit at the next one but then while I was doing it I would convince mself to make it to the next driveway!!it was good- I was out there for 40mins tonight!!!
Woo woo woo

got my craft collage made for DH's office, organized christmas, ate within my points, still have a couple left over, got all my F? all it was a pretty good day!!!

tomorrow I'll have to get in my "last chance workout" before WI WEd....have a minor challenge on WEd- I have to head to vancouver for a training session on the new gym equipment we've bought for 'my' community centre....(yes this fatty is learning how to train people on gym equipment- ironic? I think so) ANYWAYS...I usually am pretty ritualisitc on eats before I"m hoping this little journey won't throw me too bad...

anyways take care all--its funny I don't know why I write that- there doesn't seem to be anyone reading this :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

tonight I JOGGED

me and my 287 pd body and my doggie went for a jog.. I alternated between street lights walking and was SUPER....big ackomplishment for this big girl!! my dog liked it once we got going- she tried to stop me by chewing her leash!! but I didn't let it...we kept going...its proof you can do it!!!

it was a great OP day for me...did some awesome grocery shopping and got prepped for my last wek here before going to mom and dads....DH was supportive........ didn't get much christmas coordinated but its all good....there is always the evenings this week- not much good TV on anyways!
must go drink water!!!

Sunday- christmas coordinating day!!

good morning everyone....
my plan-- to have a good OP day- going grocery shopping so to have a productive week- next Sunday heading home for the that could be interesting- hoping to pull off a 2.4 pd loss on wed- so gotta be really good the next couple of days!!!

Must get the last of the christmas cards in the mail today....and the last few christmas gifts organized. I'm still stamping calendars for gifts!!! I was going to put it off then I realized that they are all printed with 2008 dates so if I don't get crackin' they'll be no use to anyone- pressures on- stamping oct, nov, dec, jan, feb, march, april, may last night so just the rest of the year to go!!!

Take Care

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm in love with Taco Salad

Hello there...

has a super awesome taco salad- 1/2 cup ground turkey with taco seasoning, and BIG bowl of letuce and a 100 cal pack of was good and pretty low on points...

Day was ok- no exercise yet and slightly over on my points...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Down 2 pds at WW WI

good times good times...the scale moved downwards for me tonight---hip hip hooray

After all that stress over the weekend water retention gain- I made it just a little bit closer to the goal.

Watched biggest loser last night- i would give anything to be on that show, it would be sooooo amazing to be able to loose that much weight and get that intense training....even though there is no blue team it was still a good show- I'm excited for the finally next week--- it would be VERY cool to see a femail Biggest loser!!!

meeting was good tonight- the leader isn;t the most dynamic public speaker however gives good information- that is my secret desire to be a leader when I get to goal ...'new' program isn't new- its just reprinted...however the kick start book may be helpful

Life is good otherwise- my mom's visit went very well with DH- I think it was a small victory!!!
Work is VERY busy....but thats to be expected the communtiy centre opens in Feb and all the prep is happening now...

Just spending some time surfing blogs, I had a list of people that I was reading/checking but I started looking through there lists of blogs they read and you know what??---there is a LOT more interesting people then me :) so that is why nobody visits me....

I've just hooked up the Google "reader" as posted on so now I'll get updated when theres new posts instead of checking each of my book marks..however now I want to snoop around and read more peoples blogs!! there is SOOOO many out there...

anyways if someone is reading this-- thank-you thank-you

Monday, December 10, 2007

GRRRR monday... GRRR bad self control...

So I basked in the glory/enjoyment of a great weekend with Friends...but reality hit when I stepped on the scale for a reality friend has stopped breast feeding her little guy and had her first couple drinks since getting pregnant... we ate and partied a little and this morning i stepped on my scale it registerd up 7 pds....I'm hoping that is mostly water and I'm going to kick it in the butt....but i was super shocked.....

my mom came back with me for a visit- she has gone shopping this AM- we are meeting for lunch- I'm going to have a spinach salad with chicken- no bread, just water....and a responsible dinner....

I was SOOO pumped up and motivated on thursday what happened? I even caught myself with the little devil voice inside of me, talking me out of Subway to have McD's or getting a chips and a sugar pop at the gas station instead of water and gum.... I fell for it and made some bad choices, but what gets me is I have the best intentions but it all goes sideways...

must get back to work, need to focus on budget this AM-- hope everyone is doin' what they want to do!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Awesome Weekend

not very OP....but it was to hang with my best friend and party, have turkey and have a good time...back OP tomorrow with vengence...I'll ahve to write more about my adventuresome weekend, trying to party in our hometown...below is me and DH test-driving my friends baby....they are scary!!!! but cute :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Down 0.6

grrr...ohwell I wasn't OP all last week- just 3 days so I guess I need to count my blessings....
Had my normal Wed night pig out and then took the DOG for a walk, waiting patiently for DH to get home from Vancouver...I bought another christmas present for him tonight...I'm getting closer, he's really hard to by for and apparently I don't always listen when he talks and drops hints!!!

other then that it was a good day...back on track tomorrow- I plan to be a little off on Friday night for my christmas party and sunday for a pre-christmas turkey dinner at a long time friends house (she's visiting now in lieu of christmas)..

Tomorrow will be a long-ish work day, gotta pack my lunch

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm on track

so I seriously it was an awesome day- I still have 1 point left and I earned 4 activity points that I;m not was my "last chance" workout before WI tomorrow..did you watch BL tonight-??? it was great- its getting really sad to see people go, however they are doing awesome at home- it is truley motivating.... I would give anything to be on the show...

anyways today i went AQUAFIT at the pool in which I'm the manager of....I'm the new manager (for past 4mth) have some highly qualified long time Aquatic Supervisors and a Programmer but I'm actually the it was kind of a stealth mission to see what the evening staff really do and test out the new instructor- she rocked- my staff were working hard, class was good- my arms are tired!!! hip hip hooray- its a weird and funky feeling to workout in the water I forgot how good it is!!!

Anyways tomorrow is WI...DH is in Vancouver tonight for work....must have light food eating day tomorrow to have a good WI....

Hope all is well with you
Ta Ta for now...I'm going to eat a 1 point cup of unsweetened applesauce

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I've realized that my 2 weeks of sick has caused me to take a very downward spiral on my WL.... my husband has been joking with me that "my diets over" and I'm really thinking he was right...I have been kinda all started when he asked me to stop spending soo much time on the boards....without my frequent check-ins, I don't feel as motivated??? but stop all the pointing fingers- I'm the one that is putting the food in my mouth- I COULD make a choice to pick something better, I could make my fat butt get off the couch....I COULD, I SHOULD and I WILL....

This is a new week- no obvious pit-falls on the calender as of yet...Christmas PArty on Friday night, DH in Vancouver Tues night-Wed....other then that I WILL...get back on the track...

BTW_ we did get snow, its been fun, but now its raining and its going to take it ALL away...onwards for a wet coast winter....

Chow for now

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Although I love shrek as a cartoon character- and that holiday SHREK the halls that was on ABC the other night was hilarious.... i DO NOT Like it as a paint color...we successfully got on 1 coat in the upstairs and 1 staircase (townhouse 3 levels-shrek in every common area- not in rooms) just waiting for my dad and step mom to wake up and the paint store to open and the doggie daycare to open...have you tried painting with a 2yo golden retriever!! her tail tries to make a good paint brush but it just makes a is an example of the previous owners paint skills and the Shrek Green color--actually this picture doesn't do the color is uglier then this--- I know, this picutre was taken in the summer when I veiwed the house and under natural light it looks kinda khaki---below is a more accurate pic of the color

Gotta go- Dad just woke up- let the GAMES BEGIN

Fat Prison- seen on a couple different websites-

I want to tell you about a very unusual sort of prison. It's called Fat Prison. Why is it so unusual? Because it's completely voluntary.
No one sends us to Fat Prison, we send ourselves!

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Exercise is strictly controlled Swimming or playing with children is forbidden. And no prisoner may walk more than a few yards at a time. The penalties for breaking this rule include sweating, shortness of breath, soreness and fatigue. After a few years without any sort of proper exercise, prisoners become so soft that the very idea of movement terrifies them. If you don't believe me, go up to a fat prisoner and suggest a nice long walk in the fresh air!
Everyday life The main feature of everyday life inside Fat Prison is tiredness. Prisoners carry lots of extra weight around on their bodies, so not surprisingly they suffer from chronic fatigue. Result? After doing their daily chores, most of them slump down exhausted in front of the TV.
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Question So why do so many people end up in Fat Prison? And even more important, why don't they leave once they discover how awful it is?
Answer Because they prefer to eat cookies, chocolate, potato chips, popcorn, doughnuts, fatty meat and creamy desserts. They know that this stuff makes them fat but they don't care. They'd rather go to prison than give up their regular mouthful of fat. *Some may have other reasons
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