Wednesday, January 30, 2008

down 1.4

Woowooo... Another loss!!
meeting was good...pig-outafter meeting was great too...
heres to a good week!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its not good-bye forever....

Its been with much debate with my self that I will be leaving the healthy you challenge, although I'm still very committeed to my journey to a healthier me... the time constraints are too much with me and my busy work life right now.... I 'm thinking that in the spring I might possibly re-join once work settles down... its a day to day struggle for me to just plan my meals and journal my food, work 12hrs and go for a walk etc so the extra time on the computer isn't working for me....
I'll be checking in on your guys-- since your already in my google reader!!! I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the positive changes with you all in the near future!!
Thank-you Scale Junkie for putting this together, you rock!!
Much appreciated :)


In other news- we got hit with a SNOW STORM last night.... i la la la la love snow...growing up in this Seattle-type climate when we get snow I get GIDDY....they ever close school here :) however my employees couldn't make it in to work and since I live close by I had to go and open the pool this morning for the other staffers that could make it.. I was there at 5:30am and got home a few minutes ago and am now working on some reports for a deadline tomorrow...

Tomorrow is WW....I'm pumped, I don't think I'm going to loose MUCH...however I hope it will be a really good meeting and hoping to get some more training on the scales etc...

I'll keep you posted....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cheers to a New Week....

Monday morning....ahhhh

I very much dislike monday mornings...espceially since DH has MOnday off, while I must pry myself outta bed he gets to cuddle in and sleep some more...however tomorrow I'm not going to try and be as quiet as in the past cuz this saturday on my day off he woke me up at my 7am monday will be payback...

Other then not wanting to get out of bed, I never like all the voicemails and e-mails that await me on Monday....spend most of the morning trying to sort through them....however its the start of a new week/fresh break from the weekend...

Today DH said "you know what we havn't done in awhile"... "go out for breakfast..." I was like YEAH we havn't....mostly because I can't control myself at breakfast restauratns, so since WW its been off limits.... but anyways we went...and true to form I pig-ished out.... 2 eggs, 2 bacons, 3 french toasts w syrup, 2 peices of brown buttered toast....but I saved my day by only eating an apple in the afternoon, and then a 3point chicken breast and lots of homemade greek salad with no feta.....

My neighbor is training to be a message therapist she offered to give me a massage....which was nice...

in all it was a good weekend- it snowed a little which si always exciting..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Down 0.4 and was "helping"

life has been very very busy this week...I managed to pull off a 0.4 loss even though I've been slightly neglecting my healthy choices.... I've had very little time to even be on the internet let alone check blogs... I actually came home sick form work today so I could spend the afternoon for myself..
I've managed to get on 4-40 mins walks this week....
Last night re-motivated me as I was getting my training as community helper at the meeting...I weighed people in and provided information for those at the was AWESOME...

I'm totally not letting myself get discouraged with the small loss this week- only a motivation to do better next week.... hope your all doing well- I intend to catch up with you all today... *hugs*

I apologize for the late check-in on the healthy you challenge...My WI is wednesday and I don't have a scale at home...

wow- just opend my google reader and I have 429 posts to catch up on...its at this point I wonder if I should bow out of the challenge and go this alone..... I'll do my best to check them all and then make a decision to leave or stay....I really truely have enjoyed meeting you all but I need whatever free time i have to exercise and meal plan not sitting for hours on my butt checkin blogs....

now 2 hrs later and 1 load of laundry.. I'm at 338 to read....
now 1 hr later (and another load of laundry) and I'm at 312 to read...but filing through Mr Linky...I"m thinking I'm going to abolish google reader and then just do the Mr Linky checkin for all my fellow challengers....I usually scroll back a couple of messages on there blogs to see what is going on... we'll see
hope your all doing well...

Monday, January 21, 2008

i'm alive and welll

just SUPER busy at work- but things are going well...I hope to be celebrating another loss this week and to get some time to visit you all very very soon!!!
Thanks for stopping in and checking on me

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Its a new day to day!

I'm feeling better- I'm not sure if its the St.Johns Wort....or the fact that I'm just dealing a little bit better or what...I know I'll have to go into work today for a bit- our CAO has demanded 3 versions of a report for Monday... (at 2pm on Friday) so we're all working a bit to get it done... grrr anyways I met a friend a WW and she and I are going for a W-A-L-K (can't say it out loud my doggie will get tooo excited....hehehe) hope your saturdays are fun and eventful... I want to thank ALL of you commenters for such positive words on my past 3 posts....and I'll do my BEST to visist your blogs before monday... Take Care!

Friday, January 18, 2008

where is the motivated girl

I work up a little down today...and so far my work day has been peaceful as I try to create my TO DO list and manage the things I have to get done... i found myself in the McD's drive thru this AM with plans to do it again at lunch..grrr....I will get something healthier however I just need to kick this funk i'm in... I purchased some St Johns Wort tuesday and hadn;t opened the bottle yet- I took a pill this AM-- maybe that will improve my mood...
I really hope your days are going better then mine... I just don't feel like myself!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm down and out depressed/stressed/sad

wow- what a difference a day work is very stressfull right now...I'm dealing with some budget issues that are no fun-decisions were made before my arrival there and I have to defend my new plan in front of the board...all of which have different politcal agendas/motivations... its going to be messy.... it has been messy- I've let stress overcome me today- since I drove out of the work parking lot I've cried, screamed, stressed, had my heart racing, paced around the house and been a total bee-otch to my DH....i ate bad food, I;ve got some funky rash going on by my eye, my stomach as the ulcer type soreness I became familiar with in my previous stressful positon... I was going for a walk- then i cop'd of man from such a high last night to such a low today..I'm not sure I can handle this- I've been able to maintain a strong front in front of the CAO and my co-managers but one my way home (as I mentioned) I cried like a little girl.... I'm going to go to bed- that is IF I can sleep, I"m hoping I can zone out and crash since my day was 10hrs with no breaks, rush rush rush

all I can say- is TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY....and I sure hope your day was better then mine!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I lost 2.8 pds---- woo wooo wooo

tonights meeting was great.....I lost my 2.8 and then made my 25pd goal loss....
yipppee-- in other exciting news because my new community is small they have a very hard time getting lifetimers to work there- so my leader asked me if i would like to be a community helper for hte meetings in the future and help weigh in people----- totally AWESOME... my hidden desire is to be a WW Leader-- as one of my goals in life is to be a motivational speaker, so this little opportunity is a step in that direction!!

WOOWOOO hope everyone else is doing well!
Talk to you soon

miss print in my book its supposed to me 25.6 looks like 28

and if anyone knows what the 25 thingy is (I'm thinking its and "anchor" to add to my 10% keychain ---- when I finally get it!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When do you give up the pants

yesterday and today I wore 2 different pairs of size 22 reitmans encore pants, both without beltloops...I have to use blackberry at work which weighs down my pants...this AM when I tied my shoes they were sliding off, I can remove with out undoing the button or zipper--- is it time to retire these pants? I've got some size 20's and 18's i'm eyeing up in my closet!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

thanks for the support....

I appreciate all the kind comments on the last post-- you are all right....I don't need to keep this secret- but I don't really have any "friends" here yet- I just moved here 6 mths ago and work so much that the only people I have met are work aquaintances...I think once I can get my major construction project (12.8million dollar arena/community centre) finished and opened (fingers crossed for Feb 15th) I should have some more time to branch out.....

The close friends I do have have heard me mention before that I was "trying to loose weight" becuase we only talk on the phone/facebook they don't really need to know untill I've got some great pics etc.....

So as for censoring my blog on things I say...because this job and my last job were in local government- I have had to watch what I say only because I'm paid for by the taxpayers blah blah the work venting may have to be at a minimun...I've made my locations etc a bit more annoymous (sure wish I could spell that word- is is right?)

in any case I will tell how my day REALLy was...oh my goodness....we'll we're trying to finalize our budgets for operating the new recreation facilities in this region....and we're like 400,000 over what they predicted 2 yrs we're trying to scrimp and save and justify and adjust and I'm soooooo freeking sick of excel documents... one of my other challenges is that I'm the only girl in the management team (4 others, male 3-50+, 1- 40+) so I end up doing the "skirt" work...usually coordiating the presentations and entering the data from the discussions...which I don't mind cuz I'm a little bit of a control freak!!! ANYWAYs its been very overwhelming and today the meeting when from 8am-12:30pm and all I had to eat was 2points of weight control was I cranky....then I had to speed off to the pool I manage to enter into a discussion about staff scheduling and how we'll fill a mat leave posting in a place where there aren't very many lifeguards to begin with and how my aquatic coordinators want to stay with a 4 day work week...then I sped back to the office to compile the budget discussions in to 1 fullyl inked functional excel documetn...which I sent to my house to proof before sendign to the treasurer to be scrutinized in our afternoon meeting tomorriw....

grrr--- all I want to do is play on WW boards, facebook and blogs!! but I've gotta work....

in anycase I'll be procrasinating so hopefully I can visit some of your blogs this evening...

I finished off my day with a 6inch turkey sub from subway and 4 timbits- my points are gone and I'm ready for bed!!
Chow for now !!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My blog....

I've been debating what to write all day- I've spent the day cleaning, taking breaks to check other fellow challenger blogs- I've avoided 'proper' exercise all day....
My current WL journey is pretty much a secret from all people that I see/spend time with/work with etc....its not that I want it to be secret- But I find it hard to tell people cuz I'm still afraid of i've not been telling anyone (except DH and some family) that healthy? the odd person knows- because they have noticed..
Now I'm even being guarded about what I want to say here- I'm almost nervous that there is so many people reading and checking out my blog-- what if its someone i know and they report back to my boss or people in my town--- is it possible? should I worry? should I try to be more annoymous?

ahhh what to do- this is supposed to be a place for me to share my journey but at the same time I'm censoring how I really feel sometimes....

so in the meantime, I'll keep blogging....but thats always in the back of my mind...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The groceries of a Weight Watcher

As I was putting away my things from my most recent trip to the store- I had a good laugh at the things that were in my bin....made me laugh.... I also picked up a people magazine for some extra motivation....hope you all are having a GREAT WEEKEND...
Gotta finish unpacking the groceries and go for a walk...
did that walk- that was really good 1.39miles!!
Then I played photo experiment check this out...I'm kinda funny...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I LOST 8 pds!!!

WOW_---- I have to say that is a MAJOR surprise....I think having my TOM and detoxifying after christmas by staying totally on plan and drinking my water....was the story for success this week!!!
this week has been good- I feel very motivated, the only thing that is discouraging/worrying me is getting to everyones blogs...some days I'm at work now fo 10-11 hrs and then I have to come home/cook dinner/ try and I may not be able to get to everyone more then once a week...but I commit to getting there once a week!!! and I won't be able to update untill Wed because that is my WI
other then that WW program worked for me, and I'll be continuing on this week- I really need some more exercise....and I REALLY will need to be strong and avoid quick/easy/bad choices...
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Monday, January 7, 2008

i binged can i do that to myself....all was going well- was hungry when got home from ouber stressful day, had sensible snack (still had 20points left- out of 34!!) then ate dinner still had like 7 left and then I just ate, and ate and ate...I mean most thing were low points but WHAT WAS I THINKING (well I wasn't, I guess cuz i'm soooo mad at myself now) I made myself sit down after I was thinking rationally and write it all down (using wrappers as evidence) and now I'm at this fattie either needs to run a marathon tonight or I'm in debt of points...
grrr.. anyways I may take the dog for a walk- its the least I could do, my tummy feels icky and I feel like I may vomit... walking the dog would help, I gotta go...

hope you all are having a better day then me...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

nothing to say?

I've talked myself out by visiting lots of blogs and commenting today...I've also spent my day adding all my challenger buddies into google reader...with the people I had in there before I'm up to 47 blogs...I worried I'm missing people(espeically those on the easter challenge)... amoungst being a internet addict today, I healthy grocery shopped, walk the dog, made fruit salad, stayed within my points...trying to rest and relax as its going to be a busy 45-50hr exciting plans except for WI on Wed at my WW meeting....hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

if there's nothing posted here...

then check my NSV blog.... I'd just like to thank all the new people for stopping by my blog! Its kinda fun to know people are actually reading :)

Also I've "unlocked" my photo page for the next little while--I didn't like the idea of just ANYone seeing my scary pics so if your interested click here

To those on the Shannon's Easter Challenge- I've ben doing my best to visit all of your blogs but some of the links aren't working for my computer- so if you feel left out I havn't made an comments- drop my a comment here and link and I'll book mark you!

Off to walk the DOGGIE!

also I have a post below- that is discussing perception of weight vs sizes....i'm not trying to offend any one- but take a peek if you'd like to

Trying to figure out sizes

This isn't ment to be an offensive post- just me trying to process some thoughts....and this shouldn't really be happening becasue weight is just a number- I'm doing this to be healthy etc etc however its my curiousity that is getting the best of my--- enough said, here goes...

It puzzles me a little to figure out what weight is what size.... I've read MANY blogs in the past couple weeks and its very interesting to me when I see how much someone weighs and the size they are coming or going from...I guess height has ALOT to do with it, but I just wondering how the world see's us (not that I should care but.....I'm curious)

This reminds me of a conversation I walked into between my mom and one of her friends- at the time I was 16 and I was 218 pds (remember cuz i was trying to get under 200)-athletic (played v-ball and basketball)...I heard my moms friend say (who in my memory was very rollie pollie and 'bigger then me') was saying she was soo worried about getting close to 200 pds.... it puzzled me- maybe she was lieing to my mom or her 200 pds looked different then my 200 pds...

I'm 296 at this time and when I was 310 I was Size 22 (a little tight) and now loosly a 22 pant/20 fits a ittybitty tight.

Do I look 300 pds? I know that when I've told people how much I weigh (ones I can trust in the real world) they are shocked....maybe people don't have a good concept of how weight to looks...

Anyone else care to share?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Glad its the end of the week

even thought I only had to work 3 days this week- this whole "getting back on program" and getting back into routine has been TOUGH....I'm excited cuz my day off tomorrow will consist of some errands, and treating myself to a hair cut and color, walking the dog and going to the recycling bin (one of my resloutions do more good deeds).....

Must also prepare some foods for the week- as its going to be busy....sometimes I wish I was a husband that came home to a prepared meal- however in our house we both work and I still have to pretend to be a good housewife....although DH does some cooking (which is very yummy) and I can do some to.... we really need a housecleaner!!!

anyways I've been falling on and off the wagon this week (got a few bruises) but I'm commited to getting on starting at lunch today.. :) so its onward and downward for the weekend...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm thinkin about you all...

Hey there
Please don't be offended or upset- my work just got VERY busy and wil for the next couple of weeks I'll be back on 50-60hr weeks not near computer all the time...I'm totally commited to the challenges I've joined, but I may not get to visit your blogs as often as I would like...I'll be trying my best to visit and then posting on here in the evenings.....I"m so excited about the great possibilities out there with these challenges and so pumped to have "met" so many great people so far....Take Care of yourselfs and I'll be around as MUCH as possible...

Today was a pretty good day- however food didn't go so well in the evening, I have to remember to eat more points in the day so I'm not famished by the time I get home and gobble everything up in sight....went grocery shopping with DH- that was good...

Take Care and Happy Friday tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

up 6 pds!!!

wow- am I ever motivated to loose that and everything else I have to loose!!!
meeting was good tonight, not very busy- guess everyone is waiting for a couple of weeks?!

work was ok- SOOO much to do in preparation for our next facility opening...

So I've been having a pretty postive outlook on my gain- it was my own fault, and i knew I'd be up-- but I have to admit it was VERY defeating to have to change my ticker to the h....igher weight... but onward and upward...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

how does the best intentioned day turn bad??

I was doing so good- so motivated- so ready for this new year....then I steped on the scale (it was up) then I thought I would make myself feel beter by re-taking my measurements (last taken on Nov) and the 2 I took where the SAME....and then I went downstairs,

I think I left it too late to eat breakfast- then when I started to eat, I couldn't well last night they made me take food home from the party- (I'm sure your saying, nobody can make you do anything) but i refused refused and they snuck a tray into my bag....I guess I could have thrown them out once I was home- but I didn't and I ate those....grrrrr
we then tried to go grocery shopping for some healthy stuff- to get this NEW YEAR started...however every freekin grocery store was closed, so we ended up at a pub....
the only redeeming quality of my day was I went for a walk, and got 3 loads of laundry done-- tomorrow is a new day....and tonight is the start of BIggest LOSER!! woo woo new season

Jan 1 2008- nice to meet you

This is my post for getting started at the Healthy You Challenge....

My name is Carleen, I live in British Columbia Canada with my husband and dog and cat.

My main goals for the healthy you challenge are:
  • Lose and maintain 75 pounds
  • Exercise 4 days a week
  • Exercise for min of 20 mins each time- increasing to 40mins by Dec.
  • Learn not to "romanticize" food. My husband often tells me its all I think about- landmark locations by resataurants, reminese about trips by the food we ate. etc
  • Celebrate the little things/enjoy the journey(started this already- set up a secondary blog for my Non-Scale Victories in life- you'll see the link off my main page)
  • Stick to my new years resolutions that impact my whole life- not just weight loss

Just an note- I'm doing WW meetings as my method to lose, and I've almost got my husband interested in joining!!!Take Care look forward to hearing about you all!

in other news:
new day new year....I'm had alot of time on my hands the past couple days (my office has closed since the 21) i've browsed lots of blogs, snooped lots of boards and in all been gathering many motivating peices of advice.... one that stuck espeically in my head was "i didn't get a chance to eat any sweets but thats ok- it just means I have less weight to loose then" or something like that.... so I'm going to try and approach all my food intake like that- you can have one to taste- then fill up on something good for you- then if you want have another taste- but you don't need to fill up on the superhigh calorie treat everything that goes in, has to be worked off....(that concept may be obvious to some- however it just really made sense to me last night) So yesterday I didn't get as much time to organize as I would have liked so that is today...started my day with a 2 REALLY big glasses of water...(kinda pigged out last night- need the clense)

and i'm off to clean my house?!? fun fun

Fat Prison- seen on a couple different websites-

I want to tell you about a very unusual sort of prison. It's called Fat Prison. Why is it so unusual? Because it's completely voluntary.
No one sends us to Fat Prison, we send ourselves!

What's it like to be a fat prisoner? The rules are very strict. To begin with, each prisoner must wear regulation uniform. This consists of a baggy skirt or elasticated pants. Most prisoners pretend they don't mind walking around in this shapeless uniform, but secretly they hate it. They'd much rather walk down the street in a slim pair of jeans.
Exercise is strictly controlled Swimming or playing with children is forbidden. And no prisoner may walk more than a few yards at a time. The penalties for breaking this rule include sweating, shortness of breath, soreness and fatigue. After a few years without any sort of proper exercise, prisoners become so soft that the very idea of movement terrifies them. If you don't believe me, go up to a fat prisoner and suggest a nice long walk in the fresh air!
Everyday life The main feature of everyday life inside Fat Prison is tiredness. Prisoners carry lots of extra weight around on their bodies, so not surprisingly they suffer from chronic fatigue. Result? After doing their daily chores, most of them slump down exhausted in front of the TV.
Even when they allow themselves a night out, many prisoners find it difficult to enjoy themselves. They feel awkward about their shape so instead of mixing with other people they tend to sit in the corner with other fat prisoners.
Prison Mentality After many years of locking themselves away inside their Fat Prison, many prisoners develop a prison mentality. They lose confidence in themselves and their ability to "go straight". They look at slim people and think: "I'm never going to be like them!" They think they are doomed to stay in Fat Prison, forever. Result? They let themselves go completely.
Bad for Health Fat Prison is very bad for prisoners health. Don't forget, the greater our weight, the greater the strain on our joints and spine. And the fatter we grow, the harder our heart has to work to keep us going. No wonder so many fat prisoners get ill!
Depressing Fat Prison is a depressing experience, not only for the prisoners but also for their families. In fact, the children of fat prisoners often grow up to become prisoners themselves. It's a vicious cycle.
Question So why do so many people end up in Fat Prison? And even more important, why don't they leave once they discover how awful it is?
Answer Because they prefer to eat cookies, chocolate, potato chips, popcorn, doughnuts, fatty meat and creamy desserts. They know that this stuff makes them fat but they don't care. They'd rather go to prison than give up their regular mouthful of fat. *Some may have other reasons
Are you a fat prisoner? Have you locked yourself up in your own private Fat Prison? If so, here's some advice. Don't waste another day of your life in jail. Get out now!
All you have to do is stop eating junk and start eating properly and you can walk free tomorrow.
It may take a few months before your weight returns to normal, but your tiredness will lift immediately and within a week you'll feel ten times better. So what are you waiting for?Get out of your Fat Prison today and start really living!