Saturday, January 5, 2008

Trying to figure out sizes

This isn't ment to be an offensive post- just me trying to process some thoughts....and this shouldn't really be happening becasue weight is just a number- I'm doing this to be healthy etc etc however its my curiousity that is getting the best of my--- enough said, here goes...

It puzzles me a little to figure out what weight is what size.... I've read MANY blogs in the past couple weeks and its very interesting to me when I see how much someone weighs and the size they are coming or going from...I guess height has ALOT to do with it, but I just wondering how the world see's us (not that I should care but.....I'm curious)

This reminds me of a conversation I walked into between my mom and one of her friends- at the time I was 16 and I was 218 pds (remember cuz i was trying to get under 200)-athletic (played v-ball and basketball)...I heard my moms friend say (who in my memory was very rollie pollie and 'bigger then me') was saying she was soo worried about getting close to 200 pds.... it puzzled me- maybe she was lieing to my mom or her 200 pds looked different then my 200 pds...

I'm 296 at this time and when I was 310 I was Size 22 (a little tight) and now loosly a 22 pant/20 fits a ittybitty tight.

Do I look 300 pds? I know that when I've told people how much I weigh (ones I can trust in the real world) they are shocked....maybe people don't have a good concept of how weight to looks...

Anyone else care to share?


Wendi said...

different people carry weight differently. i think taller people carry weight better. when i weighed 310 i wore a size 28.

Michelle said...

I think people carry weight differently as well. I'm 296 right now. For bottoms, I'm a 24, tops are either 14/16 or 18/20.

Also, now that I'm weight training, I'm smaller (leaner) even though I'm the same weight as years ago. When I weighed 296 many moons ago, I was either a size 26 or 28 pants - I was carrying more fat which is bulkier than muscle.

My cousin weighed about 270 and was a 24...

But people perceive weight different as well. When I told a friend that I finally got under 300lbs, her mouth dropped and she said, "I thought you were more around 200-220."

Saweetie-Carleen said...

thanks for the insight ladies- every one is different eh?

I went for my haircut today and if I have to see my chubby face with the black cap on it for much longer I'm not going to be happy- extra motivation to get losing :)

Teale said...

It is puzzling how different bodies carry their weight differently. When I was almost 300 pounds, I had a 230 pound friend who I could share clothing with. I've had nurses think that their scale was broken when it showed me as heavy as it was, because they didn't think I looked like I weighed that much. This time around I am carrying my weight differently than when I did WW before. When I did WW in the past, I started at 296 and wore 22/24 on top & 24s on the bottom. I had to lose almost 40 pounds before I went down a size on top & bottom. However, this time I started at almost 330 pounds & wore 26's on the bottom & 22/24 (but sometimes 26/28) on top. After about 30 pounds lost (putting me at the same weight I was the first time I started WW), I was all ready down to 22s on the bottom & *almost* 18/20s on top. So not only do different people carry their weight differently, but my OWN body carries it differently than it used to!

OK, this comment is plenty long. LOL I guess I rambled:)

ExpressingNotStuffing said...

I totally agree that all people carry their weight different.
I stand a confident five feet tall ha ha and weigh 266.1 (currently) and have to wear size 26 top and I gave up on any pants with zipper and just wear leggings now because I would probably have to wear a 26 in those pants as well.
After my two kids I notice my size has changed as well even though I have been this size before. Probably extra stomach now that just doesn't want to fit into ANYTHING!
I remember when I got down to 215 pounds I was still wearing 18/20 when my friends who were 250-300 some were in 18/20 and 22.
It's crazy how that works out!
I think my problem is that my butt is too close to the ground! ha ha. Short people really have nowhere to hide any extra pounds.

Carolyn said...

I totally agree with you on the "Size and Look" thing...
I work at Penningtons, and I've NO CLUE what WEIGHT a woman is when she walks in, but I can guarentee that I can size them up pretty darned quick. The problem is that women often freak out about a 2X on a tag and won't try it on... they stick to a 1X because they refuse to admit they are that big. THEN they look HORRIBLE squeezed into a small shirt... *sigh.
But even though I"ve seen several differnt size 20's, rarely would I guess they are the same weight. It does depend on height FOR SURE. Right now I"M just getting OUT of size 22's,and I weight 226. Gives you an idea of perspetive, eh?

Trisaratops said...

This is so fascinating to me - because my highest weight (well, that I know of - I only bought a scale a year ago) I was in a 28 pant and a 26 top. Now, at *roughly* 50 pounds gone, and I'm still not proportional. Tops are 18/20 and bottoms are sometimes 20's sometimes 22's. Weird, huh? And there is a tiny woman in my office who is giving away the clothes that don't fit her any longer to the 2 other teeny girls that work there. They recently asked her, "so, are you a size 2, or size 0?" And she admitted she was a size 6. And they immediately said "You don't look it!" I guess it is all relative. 6 is big? I am aching to be a lovely size 12, so I think it all depends on what is important to you. Thank you for your kind comments on my gain. It has to get better next week!

Lidian said...

Women's clothing sizes are totally ridiculous and impossible to predict, in my experience - I have stuff in loads of sizes, and a certain size is totally different in different brands...who knows! I have pants that I can't get into now, that were comfortable on me at a roughly similar weight a couple of years ago, so also my stomach may have settled into some terrible relaxed needs-situps state...ugh.

Also it depends on your frame size, how much muscle you have - who knows, not me!

I love your new haircut BTW! So cute!

Sheila said...

It has to do with muscle mass. If you are athletic and work out a lot and also the younger you are, you have more muscle mass. Muscle takes up less space than fat. So people with more muscle mass can weigh more and wear smaller clothing.

Thinking Thin said...

Interesting post. I have thought the same. People definitely carry weight differently. I am 5'9 and now about 282. I carry it better than a friend of mine who is about the same weight. I think I agree with the other posters when they say it is muscle mass. I am fairly active whereas my friend is not. Of course, then you have the clothing industry to confuse things. I have some clothes that are 18s that are tight but I can get into them then I have 22's that I can't get in. Sure wish there was a standard!

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