Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeling GOOD

Sun is shining..lost anouth .8 on wed, did my 3 training runs all is good
today heading to bank, vet (maggie has sore leg), grocery shopping and then out for dinner with some work friends...
should be a good day- then rest up for running tomorrow AM with the group...I love weekends!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

week 2 of sun run training!

went really well- getting up at 8:30am on a Sunday to go run is a little tough, but got invited over to a friends for breakfast after so taht was good....not very low in points but good :)

Todays run was 7 times of running 2mins and walking 2mins... went really well...I'm nursing a hip injury?-- my hip hurts on the left side in a 6inch section i'm trying to stretch it when possible but its achin a bit today...

anyways hope your sunday is as sunny as mine :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

down 2 for total of 60.2!!!

woo woo I was pretty happy about that today- I have been on holidays, dealt with christmas and busy time at work... I know after my cruise I was up about 5 pounds... but was able to take it off and a couple extra with it :) I'm looking forward to the weeks to come, tonight I went to curling which was fun, and I went running last night with hubby... tomorrow I plan to go again after work.... I really want to concentrate on journalling this week as I seem to be slackin off on that- however I'm pretty sure after being on the programs for 4 years all together that I know what I'm doing and how many points = succes...however it would be great to be really accountable for this week....

hope every one out there is having a good week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I LOVE my Nike + IPOD

on my goodness do I love it :) tracks all kinds of great data on my workouts (see gadget in side bar)---I can't beleive what a great invention it is....does anyone else out there have one?

Basically its a sensor you attach to your shoe and a gadget you plug into your ipod that tracks the distance you've travelled, plays music and talks to you, measures calories burned and tells you your pace... a really great tool for motivation and tracking....I

once you have the sensor and the plug-in(not required for new iphones and ipod touches) the Nikeplus website is free were you can set goals, join chalenges etc...anycase- i have to say it is pretty much the coolest thing I've see in awhile (however I havn't got to experience the 'coolness' of the WII Fit)

anyways is anyone from here already on the nikeplus website? is so check out my 100km for 100pds to lose challenge :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

today- my HUSBAND and I are learning to Run 10k

Sunday- 8:15am WOW-- I'm so excited, I brought hom the flyer for the program and he was interested- its basically $135 for 3 months of Sunday morning training sessions with a personal trainer/running coach- includes sign-up fee for Vancouvers Sun Run, a coupon for some gear at a local running store, 2 shirts and the training program. I'm REALLY hoping hubby enjoys it, I've done this program before (last summer) you do interval training (starting run 1min walk 4mins etc) 3 times a week..and by the end- in theory you should be able to complete the 10 K in good health... I'll keep you posted how it goes :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

kinda feel down today...

I was all excited to get organized and dejunk-ified this weekend and I have found myself ran out of steam.... my body is unhappy being back on program, while grocery shopping I almost passed out, then came home and started cutting up the veggies for salsa and sliced my finger pretty bad... ate a good lunch (only 6points- 2 WW tortilas, black beans, lettuce, salsa) then came upstairs and after an hour an laid on the bed- and all I could think was 'all I wanna do is eat, all i wanna do is eat' so after hiding upstairs for a little while- I got up the energy to go for a walk...which was a good thing... I started wearing my pedometer again today...however after grocery shopping, bopping around the house and a walk i'm only up to 5400 steps....far from the 10,000 steps a day recommended... we'll see how the rest of the day goes-maybe another walk is in order... I'just updated some pics on my other blog- as a year end review....


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Years Goals etc....

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008---my new years resolutions!

I resolve to ... re-learn how to play piano (after a 12 year hiatus) - tried once
I resolve to ... do more good deeds! --never did? I don' think
I resolve to ... spend more time/stay better connected with family & friends * in process
I resolve to ... not spend as much time on Facebook! *HOORAY
I resolve to ... update my Blog more frequently *did for a while then stopped
I resolve to ... not let work stress me out so much * in process
I resolve to ... be more active and healthy *HOORAY*

Goals for Healthy Living Challenge- 2008
Lose and maintain 75 pounds --not quite lost 40 from 295-255
Exercise 4 days a week -- 2-3
Exercise for min of 20 mins each time- increasing to 40mins by Dec. -- was 35-45 mins
Learn not to "romanticize" food. My husband often tells me its all I think about- landmark locations by resataurants, reminese about trips by the food we ate. etc *** NOT SURE HOW TO STOP- STILL A PROBLEM FOR ME
Celebrate the little things/enjoy the journey(started this already- set up a secondary blog for my Non-Scale Victories in life- you'll see the link off my main page) ***yes
Stick to my new years resolutions that impact my whole life- not just weight loss * not really

Hmm ok... new goals ??
Short Term: 3 days a week, 30+mins each time (even if its just a walk or 2hrs of curling)
  • based on 3 days a week * 52 weeks that means I would like to exercise 156 times- new tracker for that (I'm behind by a week so I gotta speed up)
Medium Term: 30pds by 30 birthday
Daily: Follow Plan, Journel, Water

would like to finish up some of those things listed above.....
Looking forward to a weekend at home after all the travelling , doing some cleaning, reorganizing grocery shopping, curling etc...

Hope yours is a good one :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Back....

Well its been a LONG time... the cruise was awesome, I made it home fro 8 days and hubby surprised me with another there has been lots of vacation eating and christmas eating the past month or so.... SO here I am a couple pounds heavier- ready to kick butt on the new year. I've set a goal for myself of losing 30pds by my 30 birthday this year (June 1) so that is my target for now...that would bring the total weight loss to approx 80pds!!!!!

Hopefully this weekend I'm going to get sometime to do a year in review, pull up my old new years resolutions and evaluate how I did...

If anyone is still out there great....if not I hope to find you again :)
Make it a great day!

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