Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hmm kids?

All My life i've said I didn't want to have kids, told My now husband that when we were just dating and My parents that for a long time aswell....

I was confident I didn't want to hassle, the pain, the commitment, the responsibility, the diapers, the Stress, the cost or the burden

i was confident I didn't need the love, the reward and all those positive feelings that come along with them....

Now 'everyone' is doing it....I know like 30 people that have babies/are pregnant etc

I see the joy, the excitment, the pride, the happiness...

Am I going to miss out?

Can hubby and I handle kids? He can't even commit to walking the dog on a regular basis...what about a child.....???

Hmmmm. Is it peer pressure ? Or interest ?


But for now I will go to boot camp this morning and keep losing weight so if we do deceide we are taking that step I can be happy and healthy...

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Friday, May 15, 2009

1/2 way in bootcamp

Wheni signed up it was for 4 weeks we ended the 2nd week today and I look forward to 2 more weeks.....however me with My attention deficiet can't just enjoy the moment I'm always think like 2 steps ahead!!
Should I. Run? Should I aquafit? Should I go to the gym? Should I sign up again??? Hmmmm each is good but what will hold My attention the best and give the best results

One thing i've noticed sbouky bootcamp is that I work out so hard I'm hungry alllllll the time which leads me to eat, and often they are bad choices...I,ve started packing snacks with me but its still leading me away from ww

Anyways gotta go

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wtf.....up 4.8!?!?!?!


atleast I didn't cry..... wow- I've been looking on the internet and it sounds as though I could possibly be like some people when they start exercising strenuously to have a large may be getting towards TOM--- or it could be some bad eating? but 5 pds???

all I want to to is barf and exercise...bad I know but a little sad about the whole thing

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ups and downs....

I'm not really sure what is going on with me...i was SUPER sleepy today- had to drag myself out of bed- was SUPER hungry all morning....then went for lunch had a chicken ceaser wrap and fries-bad bad bad....then dragged myself around all afternoon....came home binged on 1pt herseys chocolate bars, 2 kraft cheese slices, 2 fibre one bars (that makes 4 for the day)....2 cups of ice cream ...then had a veggie sub from subway....then another bowl of ice cream.... bad bad bad..... soo- go from a great day to a bad day.... I did however go for a walk with my doggie- and finally now at 9pm my muscles are getting sore from yesterday---just in time for boot camp tomorrow--- hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I heart bootcamp...

just got back from second session today....a little fatigued but feeling great about it. Its an awesome workout and its really cool to be able to do the stuff...i've often been the kid in the back of the gym class- 'the fat kid' - the last picked for teams - but i'm doing the bootcamp and doing pretty good. I find the push-ups hard and the mountain climbers...but other then that I love it....just awaiting the 'pain' of tomorrow...

things are good...

I've been slacker-iffic on the posting lately.....things have been going good on the exercise front...I'm still no further ahead on the weight loss then about 3 weeks ago but I've shed my mistakes and am now moving forward....

Joined a bootcamp and have gotten motivated trying different things.... the camp is fun- lots of intervals and different stations- using muscles I havn't felt in a LONG TIME.... which is a super duper great thing :)

went 2 times on friday and may actually go again toniht!!- figure if I was on the biggest loser I'd be working out 8 hrs a day so 2 cant hurt if I can acutally fit it in :)

I bought a journal today- I've been thinking about starting to keep one- like a little book of motivation- wanted to put some pictures in it, excerpts from my facebook wall of all the comments I've been getting- quotes and sayings that would help keep me going- but I just sat down to start prepping the information for inside the book and I really wonder if I should or not....................... my thoughts were this should be a bit of a journal for me (if I can post more frequently) and how many times have I had bulletin boards or magazine clips around-- did they motivate me? did I even look at them or did it provide any guidance or inspiration??????

so not sure what to do- I think I'll do some laundry and then get back to crackin the journel and see what I think then :)

hope all is well out there in blog land

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I was FASTER.....

05/08- 9:27/km-- 8K
05/09- 7:56/km-- 8K Same Race Course...

woo woo!!! yipppeee

Now just want to get FASTER....and shed some more weight- I feel like im at a standstill, hoping that I can kick my butt in gear with boot camp starting tomorrow....

focus on food

Friday, May 1, 2009

trying to look on the bright side...

that night I went to bed early ( my little pity party last post)..... and went for a walk in the AM with my dog and my next couple days have been much better!!!

wanting to look on the bright side of things---- Since last year I have made some major improvements in my running....

05/08- 9:27/km-- 8K
**insert improved time here on Sunday....**

06/08- 8:45/km --5K
03/09- 8:12/km --5k **improved by 33 seconds per KM**

04/09- 8:27/km --10K
2001- 8:33/km-- 10K
2003- 10:35/km-- 10K **improved 2001 time by 6 seconds and 2003 time by 2 mins 8 secs per KM**

Fat Prison- seen on a couple different websites-

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Exercise is strictly controlled Swimming or playing with children is forbidden. And no prisoner may walk more than a few yards at a time. The penalties for breaking this rule include sweating, shortness of breath, soreness and fatigue. After a few years without any sort of proper exercise, prisoners become so soft that the very idea of movement terrifies them. If you don't believe me, go up to a fat prisoner and suggest a nice long walk in the fresh air!
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