Sunday, January 13, 2008

My blog....

I've been debating what to write all day- I've spent the day cleaning, taking breaks to check other fellow challenger blogs- I've avoided 'proper' exercise all day....
My current WL journey is pretty much a secret from all people that I see/spend time with/work with etc....its not that I want it to be secret- But I find it hard to tell people cuz I'm still afraid of i've not been telling anyone (except DH and some family) that healthy? the odd person knows- because they have noticed..
Now I'm even being guarded about what I want to say here- I'm almost nervous that there is so many people reading and checking out my blog-- what if its someone i know and they report back to my boss or people in my town--- is it possible? should I worry? should I try to be more annoymous?

ahhh what to do- this is supposed to be a place for me to share my journey but at the same time I'm censoring how I really feel sometimes....

so in the meantime, I'll keep blogging....but thats always in the back of my mind...


Michelle said...

I would strongly encourage you to have an in-person team to help you along the way. Nearly everybody at work knows of my journey. I talk about it more with some than others, and only two know how much I weigh. Pretty much all my friends know of this journey. They are so encouraging, and never look down on me if I decide to have fries instead of a salad. All y'all in blog world are just icing on the cake for me because I like to write (and it preoccupies my time so I don't think about food).

My trainer uses my blog to motivate his other clients. I just wish he'd tell me which ones because I feel like they know SO much about me, but I know so little (if anything) about them.

In the end, most people you know will notice anyway, might as well get their support while you're at it.

The only things I blog with a guarded heart are things from my childhood b/c I send paper copies of my blog to my parents. There are just some things my parents just don't need to hear about.

Good luck with your decisions.

Sarah said...

I kept quiet when I first started the whole weight loss thing. I eventually started telling people close to me and they were very understanding. The asked lots of questions (about the points system) and were generally very supportive. The WL blogging community is very supportive and you shouldn't worry too much about censoring what you post. Chances are someone else is going through the exact same thing.

Cherry Dolphin said...

I, too, haven't told very many people. Just DH and my co-workers know, and that is only because of the challenge currently going on at work. And I can understand getting paranoid about someone you know reading your blog... I am soooo afraid of that happening. It's just so personal.

Anonymous said...

I hope that no one I know in real life reads my blog, even though I don't reveal all that much about my personal life. But other bloggers who are also trying to lose weight are so supportive. I didn't want to miss out on that!

Hanlie said...

I have so often in the past made sweeping announcements about finally "doing" something, just to fizzle out in no time at all. So this time I have done no such thing. If someone asks, I'll tell them what I'm doing, but it's not something I'm going to discuss of my own free will. My family don't read my blog (my hubby drops in from time to time), and I'm not sure which of my ex-colleagues read it. Some of my friends do. Of course my blog is about my whole life, not just weight loss, and I have written about controversial things before. In the end it's always fine.

I think that you need to utilize your blog as a space where you can be free and open. And people who read it, will do so because they care about you, not because they are judging you.

Nice FB pic!

Thinking Thin said...

I can understand why you haven't told a bunch of people. I haven't told a bunch of people either. I don't really have any reason why I haven't, just haven't. I guess I just am a little more private about certain things and my weight has always been one of them.

I wouldn't worry about someone finding out about your blog though, it's not as if you are doing something embarrassing :).

Don't stop blogging though and that's an order! :)

Krissie said...

I didn't tell anyone except hubby for the first week I made changes. And that is honestly how I view it. I am making changes. I didn't have to tell anyone at work that I was being healthy - just that I was bringing my lunch. I was suprised at how many people were doing the same at the end of the week.

So what if someone finds you? You're not doing anything to be embarrassed by!

Lidian said...

My immediate family knows (and are very supportive) but I don;t really WANT to talk about it to anyone else, that's just me. I will gladly discuss veggies or walking/running, but not you know the weight thing or how I feel about as far as I'm concerned it is what you are comfortable with at any one time, and of course that can change...

I am trying to blog about stuff that is about me but not revealing of a lot of details of my real life - if you know what I ean! Partly my preference and partly that of my dear family. So it is all true but only a little slice of the biographical pie -

Felicia said...

Dropping off "wonderful week" wishes to you!!

Have a good one!!

Felicia =0)

40 by 40 said...

I feel the same way, because how many times have i declared..."I am starting today!" only to "stop" by lunchtime. I slowly told one friend and then another...because they asked what made this time different..(when I , of course bragged about how many days I had been OP or something along those lines) or if we were discussing diets. I asked each of them not to pass it along..b/c it is personal. Keep doing what works for you here..because this should be helping you and I wouldn't worry-just don't give too much info about the boss or the job ,etc if that's an area of concern. Also, my shopping cart looked exactly the same..I bet a lot of folks did this past week. :)

The Webb's (Chole) said...

Im the same way. Only a few people know i am dieting because i hate all the questions. Can you eat that? Is that good for you? blah blah blah! I do encourage you to keep going with the blogging. You are such an encouragement to the readers otherwise they wouldnt read it. I wonder myself sometimes "whose reading what i write" I put a counter on my page to tell me how many people read it and it's at like 475. Makes me wonder who is reading but then again maybe im a encouragement to somebody.

Chubby Chick said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have not told anyone that I know about my blog! And I am constantly worrying that somebody that I know "in real life" is going to stumble across it and discover my secret! I have honestly been thinking about deleting some of my more personal entries that would totally giveaway my anonymity to someone that I know.

An option would be to go private and just invite your weight loss blog buddies to view your blog. I've considered doing that, but I don't want to close the door to potentially new weight loss blog buddies that may want to visit. So... I think I'm just going to do some blog housecleaning and delete the more personal blogs.

Anonymous said...

I’ve blogged for years… but have removed, deleted, changed so many times my blog because I got paranoid about who was reading it… mind you there was a whole heap of sensitive stuff in my older blogs!

Remember that saying….Freedom Of Speech! Feel free to express yourself after all it’s your blog!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! We really do have similar stories. I have such issues telling people & sharing the struggles. Its like admitting it makes it all too real. If people think you are happy the way you are, then there is mothing to be ashamed u know what i mean?

And I guess, from the look of all the comments, we aren't alone here!

Well, for now, lets rely on each other. You saw I have google talk, so please feel free to contact me whenever you need to!

Heather said...

you sound a lot like the past I told everyone about my diet, almost as if I wanted people to know that yes, I was fat, but that I was doing something about it. needless to say I always failed. like you, this time I am keeping this very private. sure people notice I am losing weight, but I dont walk around talking about it, and I havent told anyone what I am doing, other than a few close people. I dont think theres anything wrong with keeping it private. its your life, your business, and your body. you can decide what is best for you. and in regards to writing..sometimes all I do is post my current weight. sometimes thats all you can do. or post your menu for the day. just some suggestions, but do whatever you want..its your blog!

Grumpy Chair said...

When your weight loss become more and more noticable, your co-workers will start wanting to know what you are doing.

Just say "Weight Watchers".

Everyone (whether skinny or overweight) will be interested to know how you lost the weight.

Amanda said...

I have nothing more to add than other people have already said. I didn't tell many people at first either. I don't advertise it, even now. But, if people notice the change or it comes up in conversation, I'm open about it. I don't blame you one bit.

I've been censoring myself a bit never know who'll read it. But, my girl, don't be're doing something that is healthy. Even if you don't lose big, you're still healthier than you were a few months ago!

Trisaratops said...

I totally struggle with that! I have this weird thing about not wanting to show the numbers to anyone. Everyone in my real life knows I am trying to lose weight, but only 4 people know about my blog. And why am I more comfortable telling the internet how much I weigh and not the people who love me? Because I guess I don't want to see their horrified faces? Who knows - but I'll tell you one good thing about telling people you are losing - when you reach a goal - they will celebrate that with you - just like your blog friends!

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