Monday, January 14, 2008

thanks for the support....

I appreciate all the kind comments on the last post-- you are all right....I don't need to keep this secret- but I don't really have any "friends" here yet- I just moved here 6 mths ago and work so much that the only people I have met are work aquaintances...I think once I can get my major construction project (12.8million dollar arena/community centre) finished and opened (fingers crossed for Feb 15th) I should have some more time to branch out.....

The close friends I do have have heard me mention before that I was "trying to loose weight" becuase we only talk on the phone/facebook they don't really need to know untill I've got some great pics etc.....

So as for censoring my blog on things I say...because this job and my last job were in local government- I have had to watch what I say only because I'm paid for by the taxpayers blah blah the work venting may have to be at a minimun...I've made my locations etc a bit more annoymous (sure wish I could spell that word- is is right?)

in any case I will tell how my day REALLy was...oh my goodness....we'll we're trying to finalize our budgets for operating the new recreation facilities in this region....and we're like 400,000 over what they predicted 2 yrs we're trying to scrimp and save and justify and adjust and I'm soooooo freeking sick of excel documents... one of my other challenges is that I'm the only girl in the management team (4 others, male 3-50+, 1- 40+) so I end up doing the "skirt" work...usually coordiating the presentations and entering the data from the discussions...which I don't mind cuz I'm a little bit of a control freak!!! ANYWAYs its been very overwhelming and today the meeting when from 8am-12:30pm and all I had to eat was 2points of weight control was I cranky....then I had to speed off to the pool I manage to enter into a discussion about staff scheduling and how we'll fill a mat leave posting in a place where there aren't very many lifeguards to begin with and how my aquatic coordinators want to stay with a 4 day work week...then I sped back to the office to compile the budget discussions in to 1 fullyl inked functional excel documetn...which I sent to my house to proof before sendign to the treasurer to be scrutinized in our afternoon meeting tomorriw....

grrr--- all I want to do is play on WW boards, facebook and blogs!! but I've gotta work....

in anycase I'll be procrasinating so hopefully I can visit some of your blogs this evening...

I finished off my day with a 6inch turkey sub from subway and 4 timbits- my points are gone and I'm ready for bed!!
Chow for now !!


Hanlie said...

Wow, I really admire you for taking control of your weight while having so much else on your plate and on your mind.

Well done! And good luck with the Feb 15th deadline.

Liliane said...
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Thinking Thin said...

Just dropping by to say hi and see how your day went. Glad to see that you aren't giving up.

Heather said...

I know sometimes it is hard to even think about food when you are that busy (and I can relate because I am often sooo busy at work), but i would recommend trying to eat more so you arent trying to run off of just oatmeal or one small meal. no matter how busy, try and stop and eat something that will refuel you (and this helps relieve the crankiness I have found)! even if you are typing away and munching (like I am now!), you are still getting your work done and fueling your body.

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