Monday, March 3, 2008


Ick, Blah, gross disscusting....

ok..I'm over it...however tonight i was TRYING to be that good "healthy" lifestyle girl I know I should be...however I literally (no exaggerating) was gagging on the veggies... i tried to do the good thing I bought frozen veggies (cauliflower, broccaoli, carrots) put some seasoning on them, put them in the microwave (for the amount of time recommended) and attempted to eat them with my meatloaf... DH was havbing tattertots and I was going to have these freekin veggies... THey seemed to cool down faster then the meatloaf and just the smell of the caluiflower was making me ill... Soo.... I cried a little/had a mini tantrum (had bad day at work) then had some salad instead...

perhaps I should eat them raw? I don't knwo what was wrong but man that was bad!!

in other news I put some more pics on my other blog... if your interested.... it also is where I'm trying to figure out why pictures are so different/unflattering...

anyways have a GREAT WEEK


Amanda said...

Me 'n' veggies have a love hate relationship. Sometimes I love'em. Sometime I hate'em. Sometimes I get all my veggies in, somedays none. And I HATE frozen mixed veggies. I usually take fresh and cook or steam them. Peas or corn are okay...but yuck to almost anything else.

Okay, I'm going to check out your pictures now.

Chubby Chick said...

I'm not particularly fond of cooked veggies, either. I like cooked asparagus, green beans, carrots, corn, and broccoli. That's about it. I much prefer a good, healthy salad!

Hanlie said...

Raw is better for you anyway! I don't like cooked veggies either, apart from green beans, corn, butternut and asparagus. We eat salad every day!

Julia said...

I feel your pain... I gag on vegies too... they are nasty little things.

I find that they are nearly edible when stirfried (not cooked, not raw)... the garlic them yummier too.

Ready to Shrink said...

I go hot and cold with veggies one week I can choke em back the next I am like get away.

I make a broccoli and cauliflower raw salad. Chop up broccoli and cauliflower with a red pepper season with a little olive oil, vinegar, and garlic salt to taste and let it chill. It's yummy and crazy healthy. Plus it can sit for days and it just gets better.

Carolyn said...

Try stir frying them in soy sauce (watch the sodium though!) or raw... sometimes that's the only way I can do it if I"m sick of them. And I ALWAYS use Becel Spray on them if they're just plain cooked. Makes them go down so much easier.
Your pics are great! YOu can REALLY tell a difference! Honestly! Even the one that you dont' like, there is still a MAJOR diff from your Pre pic. Trust in yourself; you look AWESOME!

Teale said...

I hate frozen veggies, so I'm with you here!!!

Heather said...

veggies are definitely a hard thing for me. I am one of those people that doesnt really like salad! lettuce is not appealing to me.

I think you just have to find the right veggies for you or find how to prepare them in a way that you like. if you like the frozen veggies for convenience, I recommend green giants broccoli and carrots in italian seasoning singles. they are portioned out well and I think they actually taste pretty good. or try cooking with veggies in something so you are just eating a pile of veggies as a side. I made a tasty tuna dish a few weeks ago that had broccoli crowns in it and you hardly really noticed that broccoli was in it. dont wory, you will find something that works for you.

Beth said...

Raw is great. I often eat red peppers or cuccumbers. i just slice them and eat them with my meal.

Swizzlepop said...

I'm not a huge veggie person either but being on WW has made me get used to them more and now I actually crave them. I don't eat a lot in terms of variety though. Shop around and try new ones to see what you actually like. I am NOT a fan of frozen veggies but will eat some canned ones. I think the trick is finding fun ways to cook them. I LOVE making zucchini and squash fries and also breaded cauliflower. Check out Roni's for some great recipes. Oh, I also have a squash mac n cheese recipe that we just made that I will be posting tonight or tomorrow.
Good luck and I hope you find some that you like soon!

Cammy said...

I'm anti-cooked veggie, too! But I'll eat almost all of them raw. For one thing, on those bad work days, a girl can get a lot of stress out through crunching. :)

Michelle said...

I can't do frozen veggies cooked, they seem so watered down. I only eat fresh vegetables, preferably steamed. Those new steamer bags (I believe Ziploc makes them) where you shove fresh veggies in and cook them in the microwave. Easy, quick, and you don't lose the nutrients!

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