Saturday, May 31, 2008

one more sleep to my birthday....

WOO WOO....I love birthdays- I"ve bought myseld a birthday princess ribbon to wear!! tonight we are having a staff party at my new rec facility and then I've invited the other managers over to my house to have birthday cake and some drinks.... (cake is going to be sooo NOT WW friendly) but I deserve some fun.

I've fallen a bit back in to my "i lost weight last week therefore I can cheat this week" routine which atleast I've identified....I don't like it- and I have a hard time convincing myself in the heat of the "i want ice cream" moment...but I'll just have to pay the consequence and it should teach me... I'm sooooo close to 40 pds lost that I really should be focused on getting there but sometimes- life happens...

I'm noticing that I'm pushing myself a little too hard on the running- on thursday night- my legs were aching, and I was dragging my I'm going to have to start following the program directions and take days off in between and rest- perhaps incorporate some other type of exercise on the "non-running days"

I"ve also noticed that my arms are getting really flabby- I'm thinking that they are losing a little weight but without and resistance training specifically they are getting 'loose' so today I'm goingto dig out my thera-band (big sheet of elactic) and incorporate some bicep curls, tricep extenstions and just some generaly arm momvements to see if that can help!!

enjoy the weekend!!

oh right- tomorrow we are going to wlak into the skookumchuk rapids to see the extreme tide which should be nice- hopefullyl I"ll have pictures!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I just came across your blog and think our starting points are fairly similar. I just started my weight loss journey and my blog two weeks ago -- my weigh in was 320 lbs.

I have also set myself a target of 150 lbs to lose. I knot that ultimately I probably do need to lose a bit more than that to reach a healthy weight but at the moment contemplating losing more than 150 lbs is just too daunting.

Best wishes 4 a fab birthday,

Cammy said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

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