Friday, November 16, 2007

hmmm what to say about today...

not a heck of a lot... Drank my whey gourmet chocolate protein 3 pt shake......then my fruit source bar- entered into budget discussions with fellow managers, then attended a workshop in the world cafe style.. Neat way to get people talking- basically you sit in small groups and the facilitator poses quesions you chat about, draw, record, take notes and then switch tables and people and they continue asking more though provoking questions.... when I first left I couldn't really even remember what we did- but basically it was a discussion about leadership and how leaders effect changes and what types of changes our community has been through, could go through and what our dream was for our community going forward.... we had some awesome not WW friendly soup for lunch and some yummy choclate squares in the PM....then I went back to work....that was an adventure-- I have an office coordinator that is very stressed out at the changes going on within our organization...she is taking "some time off" next week to re-group and gather herself, but trying to tie some loose ends up with her was interesting....I think she suffers from adult ADD and (so do I) and we couldn't get anything accomplished..finally I just took over some of the things I needed her to do and sent her home for the day.....

So that left me utterly exhausted at the end of the day-- so needless to say when I came home I was NOT in the mood to dream up a dinner, so I had Subway and me and DH took the dear doggie for a W (translation WALK-but we can't say it out loud) she gets SOOO excited...

anyways should be a good weekend -want to get all my secret santa stuff organized for the 3 different Santa persons I'm buying for, there are some craft fairs to go to, and I might end up going to work for a bit- oh the life of a take 2 days off for sick but still have to get the work done...

Gotta get back OP tomorrow hard core as I'd really like to hit 25 lost by December....

I might decorate for X-mas in the house as I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season...

chow for now and hope anyone that reads this is having a good day!

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Amanda said...

I love Christmas too! Will you invite me to see your pictures? visual girl here. :)

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